Todd writes and directs videos - mostly comedy and documentary, or some combination of the two. He is currently Creative Director for UCB Comedy. Previous to this he worked at the Onion News Networks during their Peabody Award Winning year. One time Todd found a role of film in Brooklyn that led him on a worldwide search for the owner. He documented his experience and TIME Magazine called it “Youtube’s Greatest Adventure” and ABC News called him a “real life international man of mystery.” His work has been featured in several film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and AFI. His video/film work has been watched over 25 million times and has been featured on New York Times' website, Entertainment Weekly's website, Huffington Post, and his Mom's Facebook Wall. brooklynfoundfilm [at] gmail [dot] com


Here is a video with examples of the shitty local commercials I used to make. Watch it.

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    Commercial Interruption, Todd Bieber’s Secret Life as a Local Commercial Producer
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    "No one decides, I want to be amazing at something awful…"
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