Todd writes and directs videos - mostly comedy and documentary, or some combination of the two. He is currently Creative Director for UCB Comedy. Previous to this he worked at the Onion News Networks during their Peabody Award Winning year. One time Todd found a role of film in Brooklyn that led him on a worldwide search for the owner. He documented his experience and TIME Magazine called it “Youtube’s Greatest Adventure” and ABC News called him a “real life international man of mystery.” His work has been featured in several film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and AFI. His video/film work has been watched over 25 million times and has been featured on New York Times' website, Entertainment Weekly's website, Huffington Post, and his Mom's Facebook Wall. brooklynfoundfilm [at] gmail [dot] com


"Animals sometimes bring the good out in people." Here is a new short documentary about lions, drug addicts, cops, and pigeons.

My mom got me a tiger for my birthday cause she’s a cool mom.

This is easily the dumbest video I’ve ever made.


Need a break from work/school/other fun stuff?  Then watch this video of one man epically cutting the cheese. And no, we’re not talking about Swiss.  

My friend Abbi got a 70-year-old lost love letter in the mail. She wanted to get it to the rightful recipient. I tagged along and documented the whole thing. How it all played out was surprising to say the least.


Hi all—

So, this is what happened with the #lostletterproject. Todd Beiber + I set out on a journey this past Summer to deliver a 70 year old letter that was delivered to my Greenwich Village apartment in May.  The internet helped us find the family, and here’s what happened.  Things don’t always turn out the way you thought or hoped, but this was a reminder to me that it’s about trying and jumping towards adventure. You never know what can happen or who you’ll meet. Todd is amazing and was such a wonderful partner on this little journey. One of the best parts for me about this whole thing was getting to know and work with him.

So, I hope you check this out and maybe come away from this little project of ours thinking about a few things that I’ve learned in doing it:

1. It’s okay to ask for help. People love getting involved and being a part of something. Working and collaborating with others always brings me somewhere I never would have imagined.

2. We all want to connect and even in a social media driven world, real life connections can happen and can blow your mind. The internet can be absolutely breathtaking.

3.Say yes to any adventure that comes your way.  I need to do this last one way more often than I do.

Thanks for sharing in this experience with us!

I organized a bunch of Youtubers to go to this Gibbons Rescue and make a bunch of videos to help raise awareness about an endangered species. Plus an ape tried to steal my camera. It was fun.

Here is a short documentary I directed about Asssscat. The last 2 minutes are probably my favorite thing I’ve ever filmed. One continuous shot in a documentary. Totally unplanned.

Hey internet. A letter from Lt. Joseph O. Matthews was delivered to my friend Abbi’s apartment nearly 70 years after it was sent. It was addressed to Mrs. Joseph O Matthews. We’re now trying to find the intended receiver or their relatives and finally deliver the letter. Watch the video, check out what I’ve learned so far, and join in the search. If you find anything, contact us on Facebook or our website or post it on twitter using the hashtag #lostletterproject

I’m a filmmaker and an Eagle Scout. This is my message to the Boy Scouts in regards the ban on homosexual members.

I built a sled out of a desk chair and some old skis, then we took it to the hills of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Two years ago I found a roll of film in Brooklyn after a blizzard. Here is what happened since.

Real life wedding crashers, bloody camping trips, and a knife fight!

Real life wedding crashers, bloody camping trips, and a knife fight! Hear stories about movies on the latest episode of my podcast. With Chris Kelly (Saturday Night Live), Ilana Glazer (Broady City), Chris Gethard, (The Chris Gethard Show).